The Columbia River Gorge is a spectacular river canyon cutting 80 miles long and up to 4,000 feet deep with the north canyon walls in Washington and the south canyon walls in Oregon. The mission of the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is to create life-long learning opportunities that foster a sense of wonder and community [...]


The Ecology Institute’s SECRETS program has served regional schools since 1996.  From a handful of classes when it began, the SECRETS program now reaches almost every 5th grade classroom in a 2,000 square mile service area and is known as the leading educational resource throughout the region. In addition, our Science in Action program offers [...]

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  • It finally snowed!

    On Thursday February 6th, 2014 I woke up with hopes that the forecast was accurate and we were finally going to get some precipitation, however, I remained cautiously optimistic due to the lack of water we had seen this winter. As I sat in a meeting that morning, next to a large picture window, I [...]

  • Who’s Eating the Trees?

    Winter is on its way and sadly the beautiful fall colors are fading. Luckily we live in an ecosystem where it stays green, or evergreen if you will! But look around and you’ll notice many more pines are loosing their green dressings and unfortunately they are not just  getting ready for winter. The pines in the [...]

  • Where has the Wind Gone?

    What amazing crisp fall days and beautiful leaf colors we’ve been having. But I have been feeling like something has been missing… Where has the wind gone? Searching for the answer to the question lead me to explore a couple different ecosystems. The famous winds of the Columbia Gorge are created by the climate differences [...]

  • Jumping for Joy

    2013 Fall Field Trips Slideshow

    With all of the sunny weather we’ve had recently and our 2013 fall field trips complete we’re looking forward to moving into a snowy winter. However, we were fortunate enough to capture the sun with the majority of our field trips and had an incredible time expanding the sense of wonder within all of the [...]

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    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your shoes?

    It could be argued that recycling may be one of the best ways for us to create positive change in the world. The amount of waste being created by humans is increasing all the time and is increasing more rapidly than even ten to twenty years ago. This increase of human caused waste is due to a [...]

  • 200235995-001

    Two new and creative ways to support us!

    Without any extra cost to you we have two new ways for you to help us in delivering our programs to the communities of the Columbia Gorge. The first way helps keep the world just a little bit greener, one pair of shoes at a time: Do you have an old pair of shoes taking [...]

  • IMG_5689

    New Online Store and Summer Sale!

    Emily’s excited about our new online store and our summer sale! You can get an eCOOLogy shirt and a Don’t Run from Bears book for only $20! Our new online store is up and running you can check it out now. In addition to sweet swag you can feel great knowing you are helping provide [...]

  • A Proud Partner

    We’re fortunate enough here at CGEI to have many incredible partners and supporters. TREW (check out their website here http://www.trewgear.com/) has been an unbelievable amount of help to us over the years. Not only do these guys provide monetary resources for us through their commitment to 1% For The Planet but they also volunteer, conduct outreach, [...]

  • IMG_1462

    It’s spring!

    Although it officially became spring over a month ago the wildflowers have just recently begun displaying their beauty on the hillsides of the Gorge. The bright yellow of the Balsam Root and the deep purple of the Lupine have been capturing the eye of our camera lens lately. They have also captured the mind and [...]

  • http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_xrEtrLmIkjc/TArHTAjDCFI/AAAAAAAAAuM/C_jMY2F1Jcw/s1600/frog2.jpg

    Join us for Frog Fest!

    Saturday April 6th 10am Snowden Wetlands. (directions below) Frog Fest is a free event and an opportunity to search for our native amphibious friends, the Pacific treefrog, the Red-Legged frog, and Northwestern salamander.                 Directions: View Larger Map